Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon Ride


January 10, 2013 by IowaTriBob

This week I’m attending the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Working with my coach we were able to plan the week’s workouts around several runs and a couple of swims in a local pool (a post for another time on why it’s NOT a good idea to schedule workouts while in Vegas). After my first day’s run I felt tired and sluggish with a slight pull in my calf and a little tightness in my ankle.  Not wanting to take a day off and seeing that the weather was perfect for a bike ride, I was determined to find a way to make it happen.

Red_Rock_CanyonFortunately there are several options available for those looking to rent a bike in Las Vegas. After a few quick Google searches I chose to go with an outfit called Broken Spoke Bikes ( located near the Red Rock Canyon. When searching I couldn’t find anything on the strip and after thinking about it I wouldn’t want to rent or ride a bike anywhere near the Vegas strip given the options such a short drive away (not to mention the thought of having to fight with the traffic and crowds).

Broken Spoke Bikes was the only shop that opened at 9am. All the others I found didn’t open until at least 10am. Given I knew I wanted to put in a good bike ride, the earlier the better for me.

Broken Spokes is a short car ride from the strip (14 miles from the MGM Grand) and is located at 11700 West Charleston, just over from the Red Rock Casino. The drive only took 25 minutes from door to door.

Broken Spoke Bikes

Their website showed they had bikes available for rent so without hesitation I left the MGM and arrived just as the doors were opening. The shop is very nice, clean, and looks to have a good selection of bikes available. The rental itself was a 2012 Giant Defy which was well taken care of. I had brought my own shoes with me and the bike tech was able to match up a pair of pedals and get the bike ready to roll in a matter of minutes. I had forgot to bring my helmet but luckily the Broken Spoke also has those available as part of your rental fee. After a 10 minute check-in process and paying a $45 half day fee, I was off and ready to ride.

Giant Defy

The bike technician recommended two routes; the Red Rock Canyon ride which costs $3 to enter the park, consists of a 10 mile path and a 1000+ foot steep climb, or a longer 30 mile ride along the canyon road and back. He highly recommended the longer ride and said it was one of the most popular bike routes in the Vegas area. I decided the longer route it was and I couldn’t have been more pleased.


The route itself was challenging with a consistent climb to the mid-point with some parts that were just steep enough to get you out of the saddle. Yet the route was gradual enough to still be enjoyable and relaxing.


The ride was absolutely amazing. The road you follow has bike lanes on both sides along the shoulder which are wide enough for two riders to go side by side without fear of crowding into the car lanes. The entire time I was on the road I actually saw as many bike riders as I did cars, which were far and few in between. What was even more amazing was the scenery along the route.

Red Rock Canyon View1

Red Rock Canyon View2

Red Rock Canyon View3

I’m so glad that I took the opportunity to get out from the strip and enjoy such a great ride. I’d highly recommend the Broken Spoke Bikes shop for renting a bike in Las Vegas and won’t hesitate to do it again next time.

13 thoughts on “Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon Ride

  1. Carrie says:

    The best way to explore a city is by running or biking. Was that 30-mile stretch part of the HIM World Championships bike course? ;)

  2. Chatter says:

    That looks so awesome. What a cool experience.

  3. Solange Deschatres says:

    Sounds like a SUPER way to spend time in Vegas! Thank you for the info, Bob. I now have a new getaway weekend idea. :)

  4. David says:

    If you’re going to ride a bike in Vegas, January is probably the best month to do it. Looks like fun.

  5. elisariva says:

    Great post! Travel is a wonderful way to experience different workout terrains. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Steena says:

    I’ve driven to Red Rock Canyon before, it was spectacular. I can only imagine a bike ride through there would be bliss.

    • IowaTriBob says:

      It was the most enjoyable ride I’ve had. I went at an easy and enjoyable pace which was just fine for me as it allowed me to take in all the beautiful sites along the route.

  7. The ride sounds amazing! I love getting out, being active, and exploring somewhere when I’m away. Vegas seems like a perfect place to get off the strip and take in the other sights.
    Thanks for writing about this. Whenever I go back, I’ll be sure to add this to my list of things to do.

  8. The Guat says:

    Those were some great pictures you got there. Looked like a great ride.

  9. Mike says:

    I am soo jealouse. I was in Vegas last summer and tried to mix in a couple runs, but it was 110 in the shade. Just awful. This post really has me anxious to do some traveling with the bike.

    • IowaTriBob says:

      Good point! I hit a beautiful 50-60 degree day. I could see this same route being pretty grueling in anything over 90 degrees as there was no shade and very few, if any, places to stop along the way.

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